Israel Stock Screener


Screener Options

Column Sets: The column sets drop down menu in the top-left corner has the below pre-set selections to choose from. Alternatively, custom columns may be selected using the “Column-setup” icon to the immediate right.

Overview (default)





Income Statement

Balance Sheet


Trend-Following or Moving Averages



Filters: The filters button in the top-right corner may be used to specify custom stock selection criteria including fundamentals and technicals. Alternatively, pre-set screens may be selected from the screens drop-down menu immediately to the left.

Most Capitalized (default)

Volume Leaders

Top Gainers and Losers

All Time, 52 Week, and Monthly – Highs and Lows

Most Volatile

Unusual Volume

Overbought and Oversold

Outperforming and Underperforming SMA50 (50-Day Simple Moving Average)

Earnings This Week