Forex Screener

(FXCM, IDC, Oanda,

Screener Options

Column Sets: The column sets drop down menu in the top-left corner has the below pre-set selections to choose from. Alternatively, custom columns may be selected using the “Column-setup” icon to the immediate right.

Overview (default)



Trend-Following or Moving Averages


Filters: The filters button in the top-right corner may be used to specify custom selection criteria including fundamentals and technicals. Alternatively, pre-selected currency pair selections may be used from the drop-down menu immediately to the left.

General (default)

Rising or Falling Pairs

All Time, 52 Week, and Monthly – Highs and Lows

Most Volatile

Overbought or Oversold

Outperforming or Underperforming SMA50 (50-Day Simple Moving Average)


Currency Pair Selections: The drop-down menu immediately to the left of filters may be used to select from the choice of currency pairs.

Major and Minor (default)

All currency pairs available

Major currency pairs

Minor currency pairs

Exotic currency pairs